Growing up too fast

The other day I was at work. I work in a department store, in the juniors department, so day after day I see very young girls shopping even though they should be shopping in the kids section. I was walking around the store and I couldn’t help but hear these three girls having a conversation. They were talking about a boy, of course. One girl said “THAT GUY IS SO HOT, I JUST WANT TO RAPE HIM!!” I couldn’t believe my ears. These girls must have been at least thirteen years old. When I was thirteen years old I didn’t even know what sex was.

I think what parents must start doing now, is start talking to your kids when they are maybe a little bit younger. I think the relationship between parents and kids will grow stronger, and kids will know more, and learn that sex is not a joke, it is something special.

Also, another influence on other girls would be the media, especially, stars from the Disney channel. Miley Cyrus has many many pictures on the internet that are risqué, and Demi Lovato has just checked herself into rehab.But in society today, we have such a huge attachment or relationship with the media. So what is it going to take to remove ourself from this influential relationship?


The Cherry Orchard

I get extra credit if I blog about the play I saw called “The Cherry Orchard” at UNM.

In a nutshell, the play was about a family who owns a cherry orchard, but is forced to sell it due to debt.

They have a very very old butler/servant named Firs, who has been a servant all of his life. So this blog post is going to be about the family’s relationship with Firs.

Throughout the play, Firs was constantly being ignored and was always told what to do. He also was very sick, and it seemed as though no one cared about  him.

Maybe i’m weird, but whenever I see old people I feel as though they are lonely, so I try my hardest to give them a lot of attention. It is probably way overwhelming for them, but it makes myself feel good :]

So at the end of they play, the whole family has to move because they sold the cherry orchard, and someone was supposed to  take Firs to the retirement home. They never did, and he ends up alone in the house. And he dies there. It was so sad. I think it made me realize that we should respect the elderly more

Love The Way He Lies?

So in my english class a couple of weeks ago, our class was broken into groups and each group had to lead a class discussion on how relationships are portrayed in the media.

My group did Music videos, and how love songs are compared to break up songs. But the one that stuck out the most to me was “Love the way you lie” by Eminem and Rhianna.

When my group picked this video, when just thought of two people who love to hate each other, but my teacher pointed out something that real blew me away.

If you watched the whole video on this post, you would see that if after physically abusing each other, they instantly make out hardcore. Sorry to break it t you,but that is not how it is at all. As my teacher says, the video somewhat glamorizes abuse within a relationship. That if you fight with someone, that sense of passion spills over to love.

But someone would say that it was just a wider sense imagery, so a person can take a look into a relationship like that.

This video was to portray Eminem and his ex-wife Kim’s relationship. How they loved each other one minute, but then hated each other the next. To anyone’s surprise, they got a divorce , and have been on and off eve since.

So can a relationship this work out? That’s for you to decide.

Best Friends?


Many shows and movies that I have seen recently, the girls always fall in love with her best friend, and, of course, they live happily ever after. Well have I got a story for you..

Recently, One of my best friends in the whole world confessed he has been in love with me for quite sometime. To be completly honest, I wasn’t shocked (He showed all the signs). It kind of made me sad though… I don’t feel the same. Well, I mean, I do love him… This guy is simply amazing. He is successful, nice, loving, and very smart. But i’ve always seen him as my best friend. Not my boyfriend. Or friends with benifits. As best friends we share one of the strongest bonds i’ve ever felt. But is that love, love???? Can a boy and a girl be best friends without having feelings involved? What if you risk a friendship for a relationship?

As I’m reading this back to myself, I can’t help but think of my ex boyfriend and our relationship. How crappy it was. How badly I was treated.  My best friend treats me 4244465 times better than he did,but isn’t that what best freinds are supposed to do? I’m so confused as to what love actually feels like. Is the love for your friends, the same as the love you feel for a possible significant other?

How I Met Your Mother

I’m obsessed with the show “How I Met Your Mother” and after watching season two when Lilly and Marshall broke up after nine years of being together I was inspired to write this entry about the do’s and dont’s of life after the break up.

When a relationship ends, whether it lasted a month or many years, it has been said that there is a winner and a loser, but both people are losing. Losing their minds on what to do next…
DO surround yourself with friends and family that can give you honest advice and a sense of comfort.
DON’T stalk the other person! I know you were very comfortable with that other person, but following them around is NOT a good idea. Trust me, your friends and family will fill that void of comfort you are missing.
DO open your mind when it comes to future relationships. Go different places, do different things, and even date different people. If you do and go to the same places, you may remind yourself of memories from previous relationships.

DON’T repeatedly call and/or text the other person. From experience, it is not pleasant waking up to over 200 calls and texts from someone. It is just weird.

That is all I can think of right now. I’ve got to continue my “How I Met Your Mother” marathon!

Hello world!

Hello world!

I am writing this blog for my english class.

It is about relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but relationships with family, friends, and maybe even strangers.

I hope you read on and see that relationships are everywhere in your life, whether you know it or not. You could have a closer to your computer or your T.V then your parents or siblings. I’m going to offer some advice and some questions that you want to consider in some situations.

read on :]